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Insurance for Nannies and Families

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Insurance is one of those subjects we all know we need but do not always want to take the time to understand.  Insurance options can be confusing for many UK parents and nannies but it is an issue all parties should understand before hiring a new nanny.  Once you hire a nanny in the UK, you effectively become an employer and therefore you are obliged to carry Employer’s Liability Insurance.   This is a simple add-on to your existing insurance policy.  Also, if your nanny’s job involves driving either her car or your car this insurance cover should also be added to your insurance policy.

The nanny should also be personally insured and Rockmybaby® recommends that all nannies buy their own public liability insurance.   If anything happens to children (or is perceived to have happened) nannies have the peace of mind knowing they be covered for legal costs if they are held liable.

Accidents do happen and often they happen quickly and even with the most diligent nanny a child can slip, fall or choke.  It is a good idea to suggest that your nanny carries her own insurance as your personal insurance most likely covers only sporadic employees in your house and nanny insurance protects her and gives her generous coverage should something problematic arise. As a professional nanny diligence and prudence is the essence of her job and insurance shows that the nanny has invested in herself and this carries a mark of professionalism.

There are many companies who sell insurance, you can apply online or by post and the cost is typically around £70 per year and often insurance companies offer a discounted price for nannies who are becoming Ofsted registered.  It should be noted that if you wish to have your nanny Ofsted registered, she must carry public liability insurance.

There are many companies which offer nanny insurance.  Rockmybaby recommends Morton Michel as they have been in business for 30 years, they are aligned with ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies) and specialize in insurance for childcare professionals.

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