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Taking time for yourself – guilt free!

All parents, either Mums or Dads, need time for themselves! Even if you work full-time hiring your nanny or babysitter for an extra hour to get a manicure, grab a drink with an old friend or just sit alone and decompress with a coffee is essential for your sanity!

“Stop feeling guilty and realize a refreshed parent is the best parent!”


Why do Moms, especially working Mom’s, feel guilty about taking time for themselves? Taking time for yourself is not a crime but sign of strength and confidence knowing that one-hour of tranquillity prepares you for a weekend or evening of the wonderful chaos that being home with your children brings!

What we tend to forget is that for most of history, women were not all on their own. Families were much larger and tended to stay geographically close, if not multiple generations all under one roof. So, a mom often had her own mother or mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, cousins and even older children to give her a break so that she could do things without having a little one clutching her 24/7. Things have improved in a lot of ways in this modern world, but social isolation is one price we’re paying. These days, family can be far away or perhaps they have their own work commitments that hinder helping each other.

As a parent, the other thing to always bear in mind is that a child can never have too many caring adults in his life. The right nanny won’t take the place of a child’s parents, but she will enhance their life.

Stop feeling guilty, take some time for yourself and call – we can help you!

Written by, Ruth Maurandy