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Babysitting Websites Abound in London!  But what standards do they all have?

Rockmybaby® has noticed an uptick in online babysitting platforms in London!  But buyer beware, many of these sites are letting candidates as young as 18 register as sitters!  Also, many of these new babysitting booking sites do not require an Enhanced DBS check instead they accept the basic DBS.   They even have links to aid candidates in obtaining a basic DBS, which is a sub-standard criminal check and NOT recognized by nanny agencies.  Many of these sites are “volume based,” and are interested in as many bookings possible without doing proper candidate vetting and verification.


The established babysitting services in the UK, like Rockmybaby®, require candidates to be 21 and the nannies must have an Enhanced Criminal background check.  Also the nannies are interviewed in person, references are verified, gaps in employment are questioned, first-aid training is a must, ID documents are personally verified, address checks are done and all candidates have at least 2 years of paid childcare experience.


Many of these sites make booking a snap via an app or online platform but their vetting processes and due diligence are dubious, therefore it best to work through an agency like Rockmybaby® who personally meet all the candidates and whose vetting process is extremely thorough, personal and detail oriented!


Written by Ruth Maurandy