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Rockmybaby® London – Ruth Maurandy

As an expatriate, Ruth understands the challenges parents have in finding quality nannies and babysitters. She knows firsthand the feeling of leaving the house, knowing your children have a caring nanny, with the best credentials is priceless; whether you are on your way to the office or for an evening out! Also, having moved internationally more than once, Ruth understands exactly what it is like to arrive in a country with small children, know no one and have no family to offer help.

Ruth completed the Rockmybaby master training program and she also apprenticed in the Rockmybaby Swiss office. Ruth loves meeting the parents, the children, the nannies and doing all of the homework to get families the best nannies available!
She worked for many years in consumer products marketing, sales and recruiting.

Ruth was born in the United States and lived many years in New York City. Ruth is both American and French and because her Mother was born in the United Kingdom, she has very strong ties to Great Britain. Ruth lives in North London with her husband and two daughters.

Ruth - Zurich oct 2012

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