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Why you should use a specialist childcare agency for your nanny search.

A single critical motivator for using a specialist childcare recruitment agency in your nanny search

Quite often families hesitate to use nanny agencies due the costs involved and rather choose to do so privately through internet sites and social media. Hiring a care giver to take care of your child or children is unquestionably the most important hire you’ll ever make.  It consequently makes perfect sense to entrust a Specialist Caregiver Recruiter with the critical selection process.

Appointing and retaining the right care giver will greatly affect your child’s feelings about himself and the world.  Positive, stable and consistent relations with a caregiver will go a long way in creating and maintaining your child’s feelings of security, optimism and self-worth.

A child who is securely attached to a caregiver will be relaxed and comfortable with that person nearby.  She’ll feel confident exploring slightly beyond her caregiver’s grasp because she knows she can rely on that person to respond in a way that’s predictable and reassuring if she needs help or gets hurt.

Research suggests that children take a significant amount of time to form attachments to caregivers, so they are less likely to form attachments if frequent caregiver changes occur.  It has also been reported that there is a relationship between the number of caregiver losses experienced by a toddler and the likelihood that the child may be more prone to being socially withdrawn or aggressive with peers [Howes & Hamilton, 1993].

Statistics show that the turnover of Caregivers hired via Professional Agencies is significantly lower than turnover of caregivers who are hired privately.

So therefore one should not just look at the costs involved in using an agency but really the overall value to you and your family. 

Written by Rockmybaby Switzerland

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Travelling with children over the holidays.

 Are you going home for the holidays?  Are you travelling with little ones?   Christmas is a wonderful thing, but it seems like there are so many details and adding in travelling home can be tough!    Visiting family is wonderful but it is not always easy especially when mixing multiple generations.


The pros about going home for Christmas to visit family – using a spare bedroom and not a hotel room and with all the family help – you get lots of free time….  The cons about going home for Christmas – all of the family “help,” no hotel and no free time!   That said it is still a joy and pleasure to spend Christmas at home and with your own children you are reminded of the joy and excitement the holidays bring for little ones. 

Getting back to the practical aspects of travel with kids think like this – pack it, borrow it or buy it!  You must travel with the essentials diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks (special stuff that you do not usually give the kids can work well on crowded trains or delayed flights – not that the Rockmybaby® blog would ever suggest bribery…) small toys, a car seat and a stroller. 

The rest of the bulky stuff like a highchairs, a portable crib, weather appropriate clothing  etc., can be borrowed from friends, family or neighbors.  We always suggest planning and budgeting to buy more diapers, baby food and the baby gear our families may no longer keep around!

As you plan for the trip, also consider these tips:

  • Leave extra time
  • Book everything ahead
  • Download new apps, videos etc. (and do not feel an ounce of guilt, it is not everyday that you will do this and many of these apps have educational benefits)
  • Buy the children an inexpensive disposable camera
  • Use public transport, especially for children that are used to be driven around in cars – getting there is half the fun!
  • Always bring your own prescription medicine and basic medicines like fever reducers and cough syrup, in many European countries especially on Christmas pharmacies often closed and of course that seems to be exactly when the children start feeling unwell!
  • If you are going into a crowded place with little ones, like a Christmas Market, consider writing your mobile phone on the forearm.
  • Check your passports that they are up to date and everyone can enter and leave the country without visas etc.

And when you come home if you need to relax, you did not get all the family “help,” that you thought you would, call a Rockmybaby® babysitter!


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Surviving the Christmas Holidays!

Are we having fun yet?

Christmas is just around the corner and sometimes it feels as though the beach toys and bathing suits were just put away as summer ended.

Christmas is magical but it also seems to bring a ton of things to do baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping gifts!   And that does not include all of the day to day stuff required just to keep your family moving forward, yes someone (and it is probably you – Mum!) needs to make sure there is milk in refrigerator and the homework gets done on time!

First of all,  breathe,  secondly step back and remember you are supposed to be enjoying yourself!  Hectic as Christmas is, remember Christmas is magical when seen through the eyes of children.   Here are some ideas to keep you and your little ones happy and maintain your own sanity!

  • Let the kids makes their own Christmas lists and tell them that Santa Klaus likes to see lots of drawings and decorations – the more elaborate and time-consuming the better!
  • Bake a cake – from a mix!! Why not? Sometimes when kids want to cook, they really want to break an egg, stir the batter and lick the spoon.  Guess what? Mission accomplished!   The kids are happy and you spent time together but not cooking for hours and dirtying every dish in the kitchen.
  • String cranberries and popcorn!
  • Organize a gift swap, keep the prices low and the joke factor high.
  • Buy some oranges and stuff them with cloves
  • Check out what is happening at your local council or community center, they often have festive activities, playgroups etc
  • Watch a classic Christmas movie – for grown-ups!  Yes Mum, this time you choose the holiday movie (Love Actually,  Eight Women, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, While You Were Sleeping)

And if all of those things don’t cheer you up?  Hire a Rockmybaby London babysitter and take a few hours for yourself!

UK Xmas_Large

Written by Ruth Maurandy

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Thought about operating a Rockmybaby® Franchise?

Rockmybaby® Group is truly global – we have rocked the childcare recruitment industry!

Rockmybaby® currently operates in the following countries; New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and UK under a franchise system.

We have franchise areas available for sale in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Central London – Sold


Do you want to be a Franchise Owner of Rockmybaby®?

As a Franchise Owners you will hold exclusive rights to your regions and become part of a professional, nationwide network with on-going support from Head Office. Own your region out right, form your own company and Rockmybaby® will fully equip you with all the tools to succeed! You will be able to operate from home or an office making this business opportunity an incredibly flexible way of working around your current lifestyle and family commitments.

We will be looking for someone that has:

  • Sound work ethics & desire to succeed
  • Ambitious positive outlook
  • Sound recruitment background
  • Marketing background
  • Strong commitment to Rockmybaby® vision.

If this sounds like you – please email Ursula Maidens   to express your interest.

This is an exciting opportunity for business minded people to create unlimited opportunities for yourself and jump on-board a fast growing global company and become part of a worldwide team.

Hear what other franchisees have to say about the Rockmybaby Franchise System.

“This is a franchise that delivers and offers great support. The networking and cohesiveness of this business is both rewarding and uplifting!” Australian Franchisee

“Rockmybaby franchise concept is helping hundreds of families find tailor made solutions for the help and care of their little ones. You now have the possibility to incorporate your own franchise set up around your Swiss lifestyle. ” Switzerland Franchisee

‘Great franchise system with a wonderful supportive franchise owner and network. Unique and great offering! Switzerland Franchisee

“Ursula is passionate about providing a leading Nanny and Babysitting service, which she has achieved through the establishment and development of Rockmybaby New Zealand™, Rockmybaby™ Australia and Rockmybaby™ Worldwide. As the founding director, Ursula set out to provide all families with the ability to book a sitter or request a nanny at a time suitable to them.  Rockmybaby Group has grown to be the pinnacle agency, leading its field. NZ – Managing Director

“The website design is amazing and enables you as a franchisee to manage your business through this portal. It is slick and works effectively for both clients/candidates as well as franchisees” Swiss Master Franchisor

As an Australian franchisee the business is rewarding professionally but also because of the ease of using the RMB website to work from anywhere in the world. This system can offer franchisees and customers a service where distance is of no consequence and a personalised service is delivered every time.” Australian Franchisee

“Ursula has been (and continues to be) exceptionally easy to work with, supportive and helpful.  In the early stages I had lots of silly questions which she answered very attentively so that I could build up the confidence and knowledge needed to run the business.  On an ongoing basis she is always available to bounce ideas off, or to give some sound advice in situations I haven’t encountered before. I continually get feedback from families and nannies that the website is easy to use, great visually and I think it is an asset to the company.  It is also very easy to navigate around behind the scenes to extract information.  The website sets the scene and lets customers know that they are dealing with a reputable organization.” Auckland Franchisee



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Taking time for yourself – guilt free!

All parents, either Mums or Dads, need time for themselves! Even if you work full-time hiring your nanny or babysitter for an extra hour to get a manicure, grab a drink with an old friend or just sit alone and decompress with a coffee is essential for your sanity!

“Stop feeling guilty and realize a refreshed parent is the best parent!”


Why do Moms, especially working Mom’s, feel guilty about taking time for themselves? Taking time for yourself is not a crime but sign of strength and confidence knowing that one-hour of tranquillity prepares you for a weekend or evening of the wonderful chaos that being home with your children brings!

What we tend to forget is that for most of history, women were not all on their own. Families were much larger and tended to stay geographically close, if not multiple generations all under one roof. So, a mom often had her own mother or mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, cousins and even older children to give her a break so that she could do things without having a little one clutching her 24/7. Things have improved in a lot of ways in this modern world, but social isolation is one price we’re paying. These days, family can be far away or perhaps they have their own work commitments that hinder helping each other.

As a parent, the other thing to always bear in mind is that a child can never have too many caring adults in his life. The right nanny won’t take the place of a child’s parents, but she will enhance their life.

Stop feeling guilty, take some time for yourself and call – we can help you!

Written by, Ruth Maurandy


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Finding that prefect match.

At Rockmybaby we pride ourselves on finding the best nanny for every family!

Each family is different and has different expectations of their nanny, getting to the core of your family’s needs is essential to us at Rockmybaby UK.

The single issue, which constantly separates successful vs. unsuccessful placements is either the nanny or the family, has not understood the other’s expectations.  Safety is always Rockmybaby’s first concern, all our applicants have taken paediatric first aid and all of them have Enhanced Criminal Background Checks.  But, after that, creating the match is the next element in a successful placement.   Rockmybaby over time has created a thorough questionnaire to learn what you want and what you do not want to make this process as pleasant and stream-lined as possible.


The biggest reason nanny placements do not work out is because the expectations of either the client or the nanny were not aligned.     For example, when someone has been hired to be a maternity nurse and the family expects her to do the school run for the older kids, this can be a problem.   Or when a parent would like their full-time day nanny to do night babysitting and she cannot, this can be a problem.   It is really important to ask a series of probing questions not only to the family but also to the nanny, what can seem like intrusive questions can potentially avoid errant nanny placements.

Here are some of our client questions:

  • What kind of housework do you expect from your nanny?  Because unless your children are older and in school during the day, the nanny will be busy with the children and will have time for light housework only.
  • Do you expect the nanny to travel with you?
  • How often do you go out during the week or weekends?  What hours do you expect of the nanny outside of a typical workday?
  • Do you run late frequently?

If you are client and are interested in some more information about what to consider before hiring a nanny, Rockmybaby offers tips for interviewing and employing nannies

Here are some of our nanny questions:

  • How do you structure your days? Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan activities in advance?
  • What did you like about your last job?  What did you dislike?
  • What do you like about working with children?
  • Can you cook?  What would you prepare for a child who is less than one year or 2-5 years old?
  • Tell me about your family and childhood?
  • How would you keep children occupied on a long, rainy London afternoon?

If you are a nanny looking to improve your interviews, take a look at our nanny page tips for interviews.

Rockmybaby truly focus on the quality of placements and not the volume of placements.    We ask these questions and a lot more to secure a perfect match between nannies and families.  You and your nanny will spend quite a bit of time together and your nanny will become a very important part of your children’s life – so asking great questions and letting us do the home work will ensure the best placement for your family.

Written by Ruth Maurandy


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Rockmybaby Launching in London – Recruiting NOW!

Rockmybaby® recruits only the best! So if you are a truly exceptional childcare professional – then we want you!

Whether you are looking for a nanny position, becoming a babysitter, maternity position or any other service professions we provide – we are here to help you.

Rockmybaby® will be looking for candidates that are/have:

  • Childcare experience – minimum 2 years’ experience
  • Child related references – minimum 2
  • Confirmation of you CRB or Ofsted registration
  • Full valid work visa to work in the UK
  • First Aid

Register online