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Insurance for Nannies and Families

Insurance is one of those subjects we all know we need but do not always want to take the time to understand.  Insurance options can be confusing for many UK parents and nannies but it is an issue all parties should understand before hiring a new nanny.  Once you hire a nanny in the UK, you effectively become an employer and therefore you are obliged to carry Employer’s Liability Insurance.   This is a simple add-on to your existing insurance policy.  Also, if your nanny’s job involves driving either her car or your car this insurance cover should also be added to your insurance policy.

The nanny should also be personally insured and Rockmybaby® recommends that all nannies buy their own public liability insurance.   If anything happens to children (or is perceived to have happened) nannies have the peace of mind knowing they be covered for legal costs if they are held liable.

Accidents do happen and often they happen quickly and even with the most diligent nanny a child can slip, fall or choke.  It is a good idea to suggest that your nanny carries her own insurance as your personal insurance most likely covers only sporadic employees in your house and nanny insurance protects her and gives her generous coverage should something problematic arise. As a professional nanny diligence and prudence is the essence of her job and insurance shows that the nanny has invested in herself and this carries a mark of professionalism.

There are many companies who sell insurance, you can apply online or by post and the cost is typically around £70 per year and often insurance companies offer a discounted price for nannies who are becoming Ofsted registered.  It should be noted that if you wish to have your nanny Ofsted registered, she must carry public liability insurance.

There are many companies which offer nanny insurance.  Rockmybaby recommends Morton Michel as they have been in business for 30 years, they are aligned with ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies) and specialize in insurance for childcare professionals.

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Rockmybaby London join’s ANA

Home-AgenciesRockmybaby® London is very happy to announce that it has been accepted into ANA , the premier nanny and household staff professional association in England.

ANA prides itself on  “making standards matter.”  The goal of ANA is to provide families with a selection of nanny agencies that uphold the highest standards in childcare recruitment.

As a client, finding a nanny can seem like an overwhelming task.   One needs a nanny who gets along well with their children, and who meets your qualifications and experience requirements, who possess’ the skills appropriate for their child/ren’s age group, ability and needs, AND who fits your family dynamics.

An ANA agency, like Rockmybaby®, will talk you through the process and be there to guide and support you all the way through, from selection and matching of an applicants, to sending you a CV, arranging interviews and finally to the point where you are ready to offer the job.

Rockmybaby® mirrors ANA’s code of ethics.  Nanny Agencies belonging to the Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) abide by the codes of good practice, and do their very best to provide a quality service to both families and nannies.

Follow these steps to learn more about how to best use a Nanny or Household Staff Agency

  1. Only use reputable childcare agencies (i.e. Rockmybaby® London)
  2. Contact the agencies to evaluate their services, and get the feel of the relationship you would have with them.  All ANA approved nanny agencies should be courteous and professional. If you leave a message, they should get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. Follow your instincts!
  3. There are many questions that you should ask the nanny agencies, including fees, payment schedule, and what background checks they perform on the Applicants. Much information can already be displayed on the Agency’s website – do have a good browse for information.
  4. You should have an opportunity to describe your requirements, and discuss the salary on offer, to ensure that everything you ask for is realistic, and the salary in line with market rates. Please do follow advice!
  5. Once you have decided which agency / agencies you would like to use, you will be asked to sign a contract agreeing Terms, and you will complete a Registration Form in which you detail all your requirements. (Sometimes the Contract and Form can be combined.)
  6. There is technically no limit to the number of agencies you sign up to, but be clear and open with them from the start to avoid any doubling up on CVs, or confusion over Applicants. Please remember that it can be best for both Parties if you select just one Agency in whom you sense you can place your Trust, and work with them closely – that way they build a good understanding of you and your Family, and should be able to do their job well.
  7. The Agency will source Applicants on your behalf, interview them in person, take up and verify references, perform ID checks and apply for enhanced DBS checks as appropriate.
  8. Your agency will then send you out CV’s, schedule interviews with Nannies who fit your criteria, and support you through the interview process.
  9. Although our ANA agencies will have already verified the references, we do always recommend that you follow up on your prospective nanny’s reference for yourself – if you are at the point of job offer, most referees are happy to speak to you, and we will have already told them that you wish to do that, and given your name so that your call is expected.
  10. Once you have chosen the nanny you would like to employ, your agency can provide you with an employment contract, and details of a suitable Nanny or Household staff payroll company.

The support of your agency doesn’t stop once you have found your Nanny or Nanny Housekeeper, and they will always be happy to offer future support and guidance should you need them.

Written by Ruth Maurandy

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Summer Reading for Young Children

Rockmybaby thinks summer’s lazy days are some of the best in life and having no day-to-day agenda is often a relief to busy parents.  There is nothing like just be able to relax as the days go by, but many parents don’t realize the summer “brain drain,” can happen to children as young as pre-school.

Do you  remember summer reading lists which came home in our backpacks because elementary school teachers did not want school age children’s brain’s to go on vacation?  There are more new studies to suggest that even toddlers suffer from lack of reading over the summer holidays.

Reading with Children

Reading with Children

Reading is a gift you give a child for life and instilling a love for reading, especially during summer when children typically have more time is so important. Here are some tips for keeping your young children reading all summer long!

  • Read early and often. The early years are critical to developing a life long love of reading. It is never too early to start.
  • Lead and read by example! Make sure your children, even toddlers see you reading a book and not being glued to your smart phone!
  • Go to the library, it is free and can be a cool respite on a hot summer day!
  • Make it a bonding time, when you can have a cuddle and remind your child how special this time is!
  • Build your child’s vocabulary by reading more challenging books and making an effort to build those words into your conversations!
  • Read with humour and expression!
  • Talk about what is happening in the book, point out pictures, words and ask them questions.
  • It is OK to read some books for the 100th time, but this can also limit children’s vocabulary development so make sure you “keep it fresh,” with new stories
  • Do a book exchange with neighbors, family and friends!
  • Mention how we read from left to right and words are separated with spaces and punctuation.
  • Talk about words that you see in your environment
  • Have FUN!

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!

Written by Ruth Maurandy

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Summer Childcare – Help!


I know when summer holidays start approaching we think.. how are we going to manage working / getting things done when the kids are off school???… It is nearing that time of year again, summer break. Some of us are going home or on holiday and others are working most of the summer or partly.  Lining up summer childcare is a process that normally starts in winter, but rarely works out that a single solution to summer child care does the trick. Particularly for those of us who work, even if you do have to employ several of these summer childcare ideas, the sooner you make a plan for summer, the easier life will be. That is where Rockmybaby can help – we have some great nannies available for the summer!

Dont hesitate to call us if you need some further information or support or book your summer childcare solution through our website today!

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The 5 Most Important Questions to ask your Nanny

1-Tell me why you chose to be a nanny, what brought you into childcare

This is a very important question because you want to make sure that the nanny you hire is looking after your children for the right  reasons   i.e. she loves children and childcare and not because she just needs to earn some extra money.

2-How would you structure a day for my children, especially a miserable wet London day.

Rockmybaby recommends that all parents suggest from the beginning that they want an “active nanny.”   It is very important to hire someone who is proactive, a self-starter and someone who seeks out enriching, educational and fun activities. London is full of amazing and often free activities. This is a very important question to ask and the nanny should be able to answer it without hesitation. Recently during the interview process a Rockmybaby candidate answered this question by saying “Rainy days are the best days! We do arts and crafts, make our own play-doh, create, rehearse and then perform a show for the parents when they come home from work…”   Her enthusiasm and positive attitude was so obvious and sincere!


3-How would you soothe a baby who could not stop crying in public or a 3-year old tantrum?

We have all had situations when our children cried uncontrollably (I am remembering a transatlantic flight and my daughter crying uncontrollably, so much so that we went into lavatory to give the other passengers a break from the noise) it is difficult, embarrassing and can make any caregiver feel powerless. It is important to know how a nanny is going to handle this situation.   She should discuss the importance of safety at that moment, especially for a tantruming toddler and being certain that the child cannot hurt them or anyone else.   Sometimes a child can be soothed and other times they just need to “ride it out,” but as a parent you need to be sure your nanny can handle this type of situation.

4-What would you do to ensure there is a clear communication between us?

It is very important that the nanny and parents have a constant and on-going dialogue. Rockmybaby recommends a daily nanny diary to record meals, naps, activities, mood etc., especially in the beginning.   We recommend for the nanny to send photos during the day so the parents can feel connected to their children. Another way to maintain dialogue and contact is a 5-minute weekly meeting to make sure that everyone is aware about what is happening not only with the children but also in each other’s lives.


5-Tell me about your style of behavioural management?

It is very important that you and your nanny or babysitter have a “shared strategy,” when it comes to behavioral management.   The nanny or babysitter you choose is going to be spending a lot of time with your children and there will be times when she needs to manage your child’s behavior. As the parent it is essential that you are on the same page as the nanny when it comes to behavioral management or you will contradict each other and your children will receive mixed-messages and this is a disservice to everyone involved the children, the parents and the nanny.

Written By Rockmybaby London



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Why you should use a specialist childcare agency for your nanny search.

A single critical motivator for using a specialist childcare recruitment agency in your nanny search

Quite often families hesitate to use nanny agencies due the costs involved and rather choose to do so privately through internet sites and social media. Hiring a care giver to take care of your child or children is unquestionably the most important hire you’ll ever make.  It consequently makes perfect sense to entrust a Specialist Caregiver Recruiter with the critical selection process.

Appointing and retaining the right care giver will greatly affect your child’s feelings about himself and the world.  Positive, stable and consistent relations with a caregiver will go a long way in creating and maintaining your child’s feelings of security, optimism and self-worth.

A child who is securely attached to a caregiver will be relaxed and comfortable with that person nearby.  She’ll feel confident exploring slightly beyond her caregiver’s grasp because she knows she can rely on that person to respond in a way that’s predictable and reassuring if she needs help or gets hurt.

Research suggests that children take a significant amount of time to form attachments to caregivers, so they are less likely to form attachments if frequent caregiver changes occur.  It has also been reported that there is a relationship between the number of caregiver losses experienced by a toddler and the likelihood that the child may be more prone to being socially withdrawn or aggressive with peers [Howes & Hamilton, 1993].

Statistics show that the turnover of Caregivers hired via Professional Agencies is significantly lower than turnover of caregivers who are hired privately.

So therefore one should not just look at the costs involved in using an agency but really the overall value to you and your family. 

Written by Rockmybaby Switzerland

Portrait of a happy mature man and woman carrying kids on back


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Travelling with children over the holidays.

 Are you going home for the holidays?  Are you travelling with little ones?   Christmas is a wonderful thing, but it seems like there are so many details and adding in travelling home can be tough!    Visiting family is wonderful but it is not always easy especially when mixing multiple generations.


The pros about going home for Christmas to visit family – using a spare bedroom and not a hotel room and with all the family help – you get lots of free time….  The cons about going home for Christmas – all of the family “help,” no hotel and no free time!   That said it is still a joy and pleasure to spend Christmas at home and with your own children you are reminded of the joy and excitement the holidays bring for little ones. 

Getting back to the practical aspects of travel with kids think like this – pack it, borrow it or buy it!  You must travel with the essentials diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks (special stuff that you do not usually give the kids can work well on crowded trains or delayed flights – not that the Rockmybaby® blog would ever suggest bribery…) small toys, a car seat and a stroller. 

The rest of the bulky stuff like a highchairs, a portable crib, weather appropriate clothing  etc., can be borrowed from friends, family or neighbors.  We always suggest planning and budgeting to buy more diapers, baby food and the baby gear our families may no longer keep around!

As you plan for the trip, also consider these tips:

  • Leave extra time
  • Book everything ahead
  • Download new apps, videos etc. (and do not feel an ounce of guilt, it is not everyday that you will do this and many of these apps have educational benefits)
  • Buy the children an inexpensive disposable camera
  • Use public transport, especially for children that are used to be driven around in cars – getting there is half the fun!
  • Always bring your own prescription medicine and basic medicines like fever reducers and cough syrup, in many European countries especially on Christmas pharmacies often closed and of course that seems to be exactly when the children start feeling unwell!
  • If you are going into a crowded place with little ones, like a Christmas Market, consider writing your mobile phone on the forearm.
  • Check your passports that they are up to date and everyone can enter and leave the country without visas etc.

And when you come home if you need to relax, you did not get all the family “help,” that you thought you would, call a Rockmybaby® babysitter!